Second Annual Gutterfam BBQ NYC


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Last year's BBQ was quite a smashing success.
Let's do it up bigger and better this year.
Figured we could start planning a little earlier this year so it's less haphazard than it was.

It's going to be in NYC, and right now, that's pretty much the only thing that's set. Probably late June/early July, so that people will be back from school.

Last year, the turnout included: myself, Meek, CheatingK, ThomasSylvia, CM, KaptinBucket, JosephJames, Jwiz, and a few more. Who is interested in coming out this year?
We have someone possibly interested in flying out from Seattle for this, so dates would need to be set relatively soonish.

Joseph James

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GTFO my gutter Sam, I anthem planner of this and cole is the digital executioner :p

Keep this up though I'll just relay the important shit from the official here as we'll make one in the event page maybe 2-3 weeks prior, don't want one time nsb visitors abusing the generosity of this event

I know I said the shirts are coming but how about a "NO CHIPS" shirt for the BBQ ? I'd like a majority approval before considering doing drafts
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