Selling my collection - size 10 & 10.5 good stuff!


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Sep 3, 2012
Please read this carefully:
I'm letting go of most of my Dunk collection to make room for new shoes as well as raising money for my travels to Asia and New Zealand this autumn.
I am located in Denmark, and since shipping from Denmark to the states is 87$ (it's insane, I know), I have to do it this way in order to make it cheaper for you, as well as being able to put up reasonable prices on my shoes, since the price is the same wether it's 1 or 3 pairs: You HAVE to buy atleast two pairs (preferably three, I'll make it even cheaper) of my shoes if you're located in the states. This is the only way I can make it cheap enough for both of us! Please understand and respect that.
I am lacking a lot of feedback, since I've pretty much only been buying and not selling an awful lot of my sneakers, which is why I'm only accepting PayPal payments as "Goods" in order to protect both you and myself. I would never, ever try to scam anyone, and if you have interest in any of my shoes, I will send you detailed, tagged pictures to you know what you're buying. 

Hit me up for prices as well as pictures. All prices are negotiable :)

This is what I'm selling:

Size 10:

VNDS Tiffanys, OG box, extra laces - minor creasing on shoetoe, but besides that, these are in a very good condition.

Deadstock Space Jams, OG box, extra laces.

VNDS Purple Pigeons, OG box, no extra laces - minor dirtmarks on toebox, 95% stars, overall very good condition.

Pass as deadstock Ms. Pacman - OG box, no extra laces (got the yellow laces)

Pass as deadstock Huxtables - only a little dirt on the outsole from trying them on is keeping them from being totally deadstock, OG box, extra laces

Pass as deadstock Red Lobsters (been tried on at home a few times), OG box, extra laces and lobsterbands included

Deadstock Levi's Hyperstrikes, OG box and extra laces

Deadstock Shrimps, OG box, extra laces

Deadstock Gibsons, OG box, extra laces (lacebag still attached)

Size 10.5

VNDS Blue Lobsters, OG box, extra laces and lobsterbands included (most likely sold, but I don't know)

Deadstock Jedi's, still factory laced, never even tried on, OG box and extra laces

Deadstock Money Cat Lows (Lacebag isn't attached, tho'), OG box and extra laces

Deadstock Pushead 1, everything still attached, never even been tried on and box in absolutely prestine condition, OG box and extra laces

NDS Carhartt Blacks, OG box and extra laces


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Apr 27, 2008
Tagged and dated Pics are required for selling, please post pics up within 24 hours or this will be locked.

Please refer to the BST rules for any questions //