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Hey hey! Just reaching out to all of you here in the Midwest to invite you to Columbus's first premiere sneaker event for all of us fellow sneaker heads. Cleveland has "Cleveland's Got Sole," and Cincinnati has the "Cincy Sneaker Showcase," so it's only fair Columbus gets some love as well!
We'll be holding the event in the downtown area at the Sheraton Hotel at Capital Square. We have about 10,000 sq ft to cram anywhere from 1500-2000 of us Sneakerheads. It's a buy/sell/trade event with tables going for $50 and $25 for additional tables (2nd, 3rd, etc.). We'll have plenty of vendors there, sponsors, and obviously a ton of tables covered in heat.
Tickets are set at a presale price of $10, which will raise to $15 the day of at the door.
If there is any interest, whether it be for tickets, tables, or even to sponsor, contact us at and we'll be glad to answer any questions!
See you soon!

Tyrone Anderson

As a original sneaker head it's good to have something like this in the capital city. I will sure to be there to represent!!


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I'm from columbus and trust me when i say this majority of the pics of lebrons and jordans pe that dont release comes from couple of ppl i know in columbus it will not disappoint now when it come to sb's it's still low key but there will be out of state guys
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