Sole Assassins 4


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...Didnt exactly know where to put this, but its a promo/heads up!

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Similar to the DXC...check it out this weekend.


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Damn I live in Carson too...I've never been to a dunkxchange or anything like this...and everytime I hear about how dunkxchanges are being flooded with fake kicks, it makes me scared to buy stuff...who wants to be my fake detector!!!

Michael Lu

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dunkxchange and sole assassins arent flooded with fake kicks. majority of them are legit, only one or 2 are fake but they are usually caught and thrown out cuz almost every1 there knows how to differentiate between the real and fake. sole assassins is a lot more chill than dunkxchange cuz there is more room to walk around and actually tables for private sellers besides the vendor tables. u should go and check it out. ill be there trying to sell a kidrobot hoodie and whatever else i decide to bring, still havent made up my mind yet.


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well, just got back from my day out.

first off: thanks a lot to my friends at 19th st. boutique for letting us roll with them and their tables.
now, sole assassins was a pretty nice event. it was nice to actually have a shoe-show with actual room to roam. and there was random rare heat strewn about the vicinity.
unfortunately the event didn't have as many people as i had hoped for. was not too "popping" if you will. and also, aside from most of the vendors, felt as if the place was scattered with kids looking for whatever dunk they could find. if you didn't have an SB on your table or in your hand, pretty much out of luck with the crowd.
best part of the show was the custom competition though. some nice work going on. didn't stick around long enough to see who won. there was this one pair i was really interested in though, my size too.

(2nd one, next to lazy's denims. if you are the owner/creator, get at me!!)

wish more peeps from NSB came out. kinda dry. would've been more fun if i met more of you.
i have a lot of pics from the show, but i'm only gonna a put up a few. too tired right now.

19th st. guys.

DJ spinning

child and dog combo. too cute.

NY sole collectors


aris and spizikes

some of my favorite lebron IIIs

guys who made the custom i likes also did these. all of them are tight but the dilla donuts are insane.

one last look at the customs


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juss went to the last one, piked me up sum concord J XI's fer 180 vvvnds, really kool place, does anyone noe when next one is?


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sup anbu911. yea im goin. i'll keep an eye out 4 u. dk what 2 wear tho //

and damn where all tha socal heads at?!


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ryyyyye here bro, this bitch is tomorrow! ill b rockin bandaids and a soulful kamakaze hoody! nutin too hot, but a really siick fitted


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ionno if i saw u VEEEZY but i got there right when it opened, then left after an hour cuz of some family emergencies... picked up a pair of NDS tiffs for $175... it was a good deal
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