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wassup fl, new here. i saw on the website that the neon j-packs where coming out in jan, i wanna go to MIA sometime soon to confirm but i'm going to ny so i guess i''ll check there, those are sick. i also didn't see any sb's selling on the BC surf and sports website so i don't think they sell them any more..

anyone know any other shops to buy sbs?


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yo, went to mia skate shop yesterday. i remember seeing them carrying the Iron Man highs, chun li dunks, i also saw the miller high life color scheme dunks on the rack (not on display), unless i'm getting them confused with another pair. the guy at the counter told me that they would receive the neon j-packs by the end of this month (January).

happy buying. help me out: tattoo or dunks?


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im in north lauderdale not too far from margate and im just restarting my sneaker collection now that i have a job and have the money agin and id love to be in a sneakerhead group i know alot about shoes and as of right now i have a small amount of kicks and growing everyday just let me know what its about
Welcome fimplix and SnEaKeRhEaD1312! Im in the margate and parkland area so if you guys need anything just hit me up.
Fimplix the shop Im copping most from is Island Water Sports, I think BC isnt getting any more SBs for some reason ( they didnt even get the Gum sole Janos), and I say tattoo over kicks any day for the simple reason that tattoos are for life, kicks come and go.


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Wassup, Been on this website for a while never relly got the time to rome the forums till now i find a south florida group or something. Like to meet new pple. Pretty much a late Bloomer to this NSB brand, bt now its an addiction now. Mostly into Dunks. Got a good start to ma collection though. Looking Fwd to More future dunks, meets ect.
So yeah..
And does anyone Have info on the Next DXC For this month february. I wana check it out so Let me know!!


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yo we should meet up sometime show da kicks off just restarting my kicks back up and im always up to c others kicks mostly intreasted in dunk sbz and jays but i like blazers

p.s looking for a pair of
northern light mid dunk sb
money cats mid dunk sb
and i need a paid of the gold tip laces fot the cardinal red 7s


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im in miami , i already have, well sort of, a sneaker crew called WeBuyBeatSneaks. but i mean i like this idea, it would be dope if people from different cities could get together and just chill.
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