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What's up NSB in the past few weeks Ive had to move from Philly to NYC and pick through my stuff what I wanted to bring with me. Having everything in one place I decided to take pictures of my stuff. Quite a bit has gone in the past few years and this is what I have left. I try to keep my collection under 100 pairs and quality over quantity. Everything is size 10 and bought to be worn not sold. My name is John I am 28 from Philly I have been buying sneakers more frequently in the past 8 years or so slowing down alot in the past 2. I started with Jordans in my youth a few runners here and there followed by dunks, then air max, and recently Visvim. Id like to take this time to give a shoutout to all the people ive met through the forums over the years both in BST and people I have become friends with over time. Id like to give a special shoutout to people like Chip, Gusto, Jamie, higuy, Trav, Team Wazoo, especially NSB FB chat and all the Lords up in that piece, NSB fam from the early days V1-4 people like Justin white and wramy who kept it funny, adr and all my local philly people, and the R&T section in ISS where Ive always been a lurker. Enjoy the photos and take care, nothing is for sale or trade please.

These next 4 were not present at the time the photos were taken but I still have them. Obsidian photo is not mine could not find it.



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yyyoooo..  You still got those Bison's, Hulk's, Putty's or Shark's??  and if so are they for sale?

thanks meng!!

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