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What's good in Daygo?! Overe here on the East coast now... :( shit is wack for the most part...100% humidity and 76 degrees at 630 am ... WTF?! anyways...hope all of you guys are doin' well... ( what's good Red, Jomo, Bryan?!) ... Shoe game here ( at least where I'm at) is none-existent...oh well...Stay classy San Diego...


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Im in the SD area now and dont know of the spots. where is this 5&aDime located? i will like to check that out. i just got back from Kicks/HI.


i just picked up 2 pairs of P-Rods from Kicks/HI.

them foos have 2 pairs of Air Yeezy's...i might just have to fork over the money to get them.


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yeah they did. that was a very short lived shop. didnt even have a chance to make it down there for their everything half off sale.


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Anyone know where to pick up Nike Bacon Huarache locally?
Also, what is retail pricing on these?


If you haven't cooked dinner yet, stop by the Pat & Oscars in Mira Mesa. 20% of your order will go towards helping Willy Santos build a skatepark in Mira Mesa. Willy and the crew will be there around 7pm, so if you want to say what's up they'll be there from 7pm - 8pm. Remember to print out the flyer and bring it with you.


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Who else here camped for the Space Jams? Where?

I was at Blends, first in line too!

And just read the post above me, a 2 year vacation? what was the purposes? welcome back dude
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