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Timbuk 3

Nov 19, 2005
Do I really even need to say how much I liked this video? That it's easily gonna be one of the best sections to come out in 2012?

Do I really need to say how refreshing it is that there's a kid out there who obviously has the talent to skate like P-Rod or do combos like Shane O'Neill but actually chooses to skate creatively and fast?

How about that Habitat is continually fostering the sickest young dudes coming up in skateboarding?

Or how stoked I was on a raw street section with no slow motion or bullshit editing?

And do I need to mention how awesome it is that every once in awhile you get bummed out on the world of sponsored skateboarding and think it's all shit, and then something like this comes along and you think to yourself "Oh yeah! That other side of skateboarding can still be fucking awesome!"?

No? Don't need to mention any of that because you all realize it also? will soon