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viet pride!
ya i think a lot of stuff in vietnam arent legit but then again thats just my opinion cuz i heard they wearing selling Lacoste their for $3 from the u.s ...SMH so ya idk


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i always wondered whether there are any places in vietnam that sell legit sbs. i was gonna go back this summer for vacation and check it out, but it doesn't really make sense to me. vietnam's economy isn't that great so the general public doesn't have enough money to spend on what nike considers "retail" pricing. not to mention, last time i was there i saw maybe 3 people wearing shoes in the span of 3 months. but it'd be cool if i could get some sbs over there for like $20 USD lol.


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I've bough 15 pairs of DUNK in saigon.Peoples , r u looking for them???call me,the price is cheaper than other places,but no BOX !!!!!!!!!!! it's true , cause im vietnamese ,now living and working there, and i know where 2 go and where 2 buy !!!!!!!! trust me !!!!!! they r all real


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i was at the diamond plaza one night and the stores werent open cuz we went night bowling but the stuff there looked preetty good i am going there again in na few more years after college though


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anyone know any place in VN that have sbs?
cuz im bout to go there
and i wonder if they have any to add to my collection


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no SBs here !!
but u should know this , all shoes are made in vietnam , people cops them from factory,maybe u can buy some new stuffs , also sample .... before they was sold in store !!!
Looking for Nike , Adidas , Reebok , DC shoes or (Somes are Sample.........????) Come here and call me 0909050782 I am ANDY , working here in HO CHI MINH CITY , i can take you there if i have free time!!! It's true


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damn i wanna go to vietnam, my pops goes all the time and last time he came home with an 18 year old wife, dudes 50! talk about LOLWTF?!


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i wanna go but my pops said his fam is mad poor so iono lol

i want some authentic pho tho
and some

or however u spell it


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got authentic pho from my mom right at my home haha. might go there next year after my cousin graduates from high school. should be a blast. might meet some of my cousins over there too so that would be interesting.
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