What's the deal with these AM1's?


Mar 15, 2007
So, on my local OfferUp a few months back, I saw someone selling these AM1's.



Person acquired them from a storage unit, did some quick research online, and then tried to sell them to me for $200. I was like, "no way, I just wanted these because I remember seeing these at my local mall back in like 2006"

After just telling him I just wanted these for nostalgia purposes, the guy caved and sold them to me for $40. Great price in my opinion, just had to reglue the soles a bit.

Anyway, why are these going for so much? Or at least, why are people trying to sell them for so much? I saw an ebay listing where they sold for $300, and I'd really like to know what the story is that gives these value, because I'm sure the fact that it is "Premium" isn't enough that a few sellers want more than $1000 for them.