I don't camp for SB's..
And if u look at history, never has there been a line outside of phase for any release...
They keep it more low-key than hyped up


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went to phase today and Mark said he will MAYBE have 18 pairs max.. and he said he would rather sell them all local, AND he said 125-150.. and ill be there about 30 min before they open just in case people come out the woodwork, and i need a 10.5.. just a FYI, so tell ur friends that arent a 10.5 to come out and support their local shop!


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I been workin man...hopin to be around more.
anybody scoopin 420s?
Also unloading a pair of tiffs sz 9.5. rather let them go local so holler at me peoples!


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Yeah i was going to get it as soon as the shop opened but over slept so hopefully if they have sizes 8-9.5 stock in still ill get em.
i might want those tiffs how much?


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Lookin for $200 on those tiffs...vnds very minimal creasing, extra laces, no box, cut straps...super clean.

But yea neither phase or sky high are releasing 420s...nike squashed that on some copywrite bull. from what the rep says says they might have it cleared up for a release next week, but who knows...


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yea man, usually its about 100-200 cars and we meet out on hwy 100 every Friday/Saturday/Sunday.. and usually it leads to going to a spot to race..


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I have a bunch of size 8-9 SB and other shoes that I am looking to sell. I used to sell at DXC but it seems like they aren't planning on coming back to Chi. I'm located in Milwaukee, get at me if interested. pipia1@wans.net

Jordan 1 pack 8.5
dunk 6.0 8.5
J. Fish classic 8
Mosquito 8.5
Tokyo Mid 8.5
November Rain 8.5
De La High 9
Kicks Hawaii Reebok 8.5
Brian Anderson 8.5
Clubber Lang 9
Lance Mountain Blazer 9
Old Spice 9
Blue Lobster 9


New member
Have a bunch of my collection i'm looking to sell. Let me know if interested in any. pipia1@wans.net

Located in Milwaukee

Jeremy Fish Classics 8 DS $125

Nike 6.0 Dunk Low 8.5 DS $50

Kicks Hawaii ReebokReverse Jam 8.5 DS $150

AJ1 Old Love New Love pack 8.5 DS $275

AM1 QS Safari pack 8.5 worn once could pass as DS $125

Shoo Goo Dunk High 8.5 worn once could pass as DS $150

Day Of The Dead Dunk High 8.5 worn once could pass as DS $150

Miss Piggy Dunk High 8.5 DS $100

Brian Anderson Camo Dunk High 8.5 DS $175

November Rain Dunk Mid 8.5 DS $150

Tokyo Dunk Mid 8.5 DS $175

Loon Dunk Low 8.5 DS $100

Mosquito Dunk Low 8.5 DS $150

Lance Mountain Orange Blazer 9 DS $100

De La Soul Dunk High 9 DS $400

Clubber Lang Dunk Mid 9 DS $125

Old Spice Dunk Low 9 DS $75

Blue Lobster Dunk Low 9 DS $275
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