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Nike SB Summer 09 Dunks

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mce8972    0
o man those white lows with the gum sole are killer, could have been made a lil better but im still gonna grab those (and thats rare because i never get new releases) and depending on the materials i might have to grab those really plain mids with the black swoosh

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DBiz    0

Another few pages of (what I think) are failures, with the lone exception being the P Rod Supremes.

C'mon Nike.

Not that all these shoes are ugly, they're just SO uninspired. 'Sea Crystal Mids'? Ugh... Let's stop reaching back to go forward and put forth some new designs. The Gold Box Era, with things like Castles, Piets, SoD's and a few others really had some shoes that set itself apart. Summer 09, to me, looks like a bunch of re-hashes and uninspired products.

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