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Air MaAx '95 fans: Some SERIOUS heat from 1997-2004

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Hey everyone,

Here's some of my favorites from my Air Max '95 collection. I've got WAAAYYY more pairs, but...these are a few of the "not seen often" pairs. Some are hard to get...some you may never see again. They all range from 1997-1999, but two pair (the Signals & Polars) are the only from 2000. This is when paint wasn't thin and air bubbles were regular size.


Air Max '95 Leather: White/Pear/Dark Forest (Euro pair from '98; this pair obtained from Japan)

Air Max '95 3M: Metallic Silver/Black--1999 Finish Line exclusive (DS)

Air Max '95: White/Signal Blue/Neutral Grey (Champs exclusive from 2000)

Air Max '95 Leather: White/Polar/Midnight Navy (Euro pair from '00 with tumbled leather and jeweled swoosh)

Air Max '95: Pearl Grey/Inferno Red (Finish Line exclusive in 1999)

Air Max SC: White/New Green/Blue Slate (leather pair from 1997; notice the "95" removed from the lid)

Air Max '95: Medium Denim/Met.Silver/White ("Cowboys" colorway--Foot Locker exclusive in Sept.99)

Air Max '95: Black/Met.Silver/Hyper Blue (1999 FootAction exclusive)

Air Max '95 Leather: White/Salsa Red/Red Earth (Euro exclusive from 1999)

Air Max SC: White/Silver Pine/Neut.Grey (from 1998--not sure if a NT-only or Euro color)

Air Max '95 XL: Neut.Grey/Antartica/Storm Grey/White (Euro NT exclusive from March 1999)

Air Max '95: Black/Canyon Gold/White (from 1998; cant remember where it was sold)

Air Max '95 Leather: Midnight Navy/White/Car.Blue/Neut.Grey (FootAction color from 1998)

Air Max '95: Ceramic/Mdnt.Navy/White/Neut.Grey/Olive (Lady Foot Locker exclusive in 1999; the first "rainbow" before the Olympics in '04)

Air Max '95: Black/White/Blue Reef/Lt.Graphite (also known as the "Mita"s)

Air Max '95 Leather: White/Blue Crystal/Neut.Grey (2003 Euro Niketown only color)

Air Max '95: Black/Varsity Maize/Neut.Grey (Euro color from 2002; these I got from Australia)

Air Max '95: White/Faded Olive (although it needs no introduction, they're known as the "Monsters", 1 of 2 colors in Mar.2002)

Air Max SC--1st RE-ISSUE of the Neon's...these are from 1997; notice the box (missing the '95) and comes with arch supports and NIKE comment card:

Air Max '95 Leather: White/Clay/Drk.Aspen---Euro color from 2004

Air Max '95 XL: Neut.Grey/Patina/Pine---Euro NIKETOWN-only color from 2001

Air Max '95: Samba/White---Valentine's Day edition from 2001

Air Max '95: White/Black/Yellow Gold---"Juventus" edition from 2003

Air Max '95 SL: Neut.Grey/Varsity Red---Champs exclusive in 2001

Air Max '95: White/Columbia Blue/Mdnt.Navy---Finish Line exclusive in 1999

Air Max '95 Leather: White/Vibrant Yellow (Foot Locker exclusive in 2000)

Air Max '95--ORIGINAL EMERALDS---DS sz.10.5 (not bad for 12 years old)

Air Max '95--White/Met.Gold/Chile Red/Photo Blue---'04 Olympics

Air Max '95--Soft Grey/Ceramic/Med.Demin--2004 Japan Exclusive

Air Max '95--Medium Grey/White--'99 FootAction exclusive

Air Max '95--Neutral Grey/Citrus--2004 Niketown exclusive

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