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TAG Heuer is a name that has created its own identity in the watch industry by creating some of the timeless timepieces that has taken the watch lovers to a rage. Their unmatched crafting methods have taken the brand almost to the heart of a watch lover or enthusiast. Here is a list where you can find the top automatic leather watches from TAG Heuer that makes you stare at them.

1. TAG Heuer Carrera CV2A12.FC6236-Glamorous and appealing:

Creating a superb impression with its brownish manifestation, this magnifying timepiece is sure to rest at your wrist with ultimate ease. This is a sports watch, so it contains some amazing features that help it to run like a never stopping racer. It has been so well constructed that everything becomes perfect for http://www.kadikoyescortbayanlar.com/author/fitchbojsen53/ this model. 43mm steel made case helps this piece to function with maximum pace. Chronograph weighs the speed of time in second, minute and hour. Tachymeter helps the underwater sports persons to set the time according their choice.

Leather made strap of this compact watch makes it durable as well as flexible to the users. The day date function shows the both the current day and date. It can resist scratches with the help of its transparent sapphire glass cover. Water resistance function is also present in this model within a range of 100 meters. This property makes this model work in any kind of tough situation. The chronograph sub-dials are position with such brilliance that they remain as the focal point of this pretty and stylish watch.

2. TAG Heuer Carrera CV2A1K.FC6269-Sharp as well as elegant:

This matte black model from TAG Heuer dignifies the wrist of a male watch user. 43mm steel made case of this model has a round pattern that is sure to attract a wearer's attention. Steel has been applied to this timepiece to make its base strong. Tachymeter scale resides above the rim of the bezel. This function is beneficial for adventurous sports persons like divers. Water resistance property of this watch enables it to become unaffected from water related damages. Sturdy and long lasting leather borne strap of this piece has been coated with black to match with the other parts of it and produce an energizing effect to the mind of a wearer. Its silvery dazzling hands are enough to glorify the wrist of a wearer.

Shades of green and orange have been applied to this watch to make it really stylish. Day date function is offered to this watch. It displays both the current date as well as the day. Blackish bezel of this piece looks like a ring and enhances the glamour of this model. The watch case and the strap has been linked with such expertise that it cannot get loose from your wrist at any condition. This automatic timepiece runs consistently without a battery for a long time.

3. TAG Heuer Carrera WAV5112.FC6231-Grandiose with superb mechanisms:

Resembling with the sharp attitude of a watch lover, this TAG Heuer timepiece works like a never stopping male watch user. 43mm case of this watch has been made of steel so that it can remain hard on any situation. A push and pull crown has been placed at the right side of the silvery bezel so that a wearer can adjust time according to his choice. Leather made strap of this magnificent model is very durable as well as flexible. Brown has been painted to the watch strap so that it becomes attractive. Composition of this watch is top class. This is the reason why this watch looks so sleek and swanky.

Impressive appearance of this piece has been made possible with the assistance of the sheer skill of craftsmen. The case and the strap have been connected so well that it does not get loose on any occasion. Water resistance technology is an important feature that has been included to make this watch work smoothly aborting any kind of water related damages. Battery less automatic movement helps this watch to charge from the natural oscillation of a wearer's wrist. Chronometer has also been added to this model. It makes this model different.

4. TAG Heuer Carrera CAV515B.FC6231-Eye catching and classy:

Carrera is the brainchild of Jack Heuer. This is the backbone of the TAG Heuer brand because it contains some awe inspiring watches that make the watch lovers stared. Rose gold is one of the alluring colours that have been applied to decorate the bezel and the dial of this specific model. Chronograph sub-dials have been made so brilliantly that they look awesome. Chronometer is a part of this watch. Date displaying function has been included to show the current date to a user. Leather has been treated to make the strap of this watch comfortable. Brown colour has been applied to this strap so that it becomes impressive.

This delicate piece from the TAG Heuer Carrera collection is one of the favouring models among the watch lovers because it is at the same time interesting as well as effective. It glorifies the temperament of a user.

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