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There are really some beneficial logics when a person plans to buy a diesel car for driving, some of these thoughts include the reliability offered by these car that continues for long time and ofcourse the fuel efficiency which is not offered by the petrol car.
But, along with this he also had to compromise with disappointing factors of the diesel car, most probably the irritating sound that it makes. Along with this you also have to compromise with the acceleration efficiency, the smell of fuel and few more. But, interestingly today you can get rid of this problem by tuning your diesel car into the unit which is more enchanting and pleasing.

The simplest methods of tuning the contemporary diesel engine is upgrade the software located in the engine control unit (ECU) of the car. In simple words, ECU may be defined as the component that administers the functioning of the engine, receiving signals from the sensors determined different mechanical components interlinked with the engine and guiding the fuel injection to response accordingly to those sensors.

Audi Performance Tuning

Audi Performance Tuning @Viezu Technologies Ltd. The ECU contains the programme that determines the fuel delivery and its flowing timings, making it easier for engine to operate smoothly at various rotations per minute with levels of emission remaining compatible at different levels.
The engine control units developed today are miles ahead from their predecessors that stored the program over the computer chip which could be removed at the time of tuning. The modern generation engine control units have in built maps or programs that can easily accessed through on board diagnostic port (OBD).

Tuning the car in simple terms means rewriting the program or map written in the ECU so that engine becomes capable to deliver its hidden performance to its full extent. The tuning process involves determining the settings of various other components also that play a significant role in finalizing the performance of an engine.
The main objective of remapping the engine control unit is to enjoy optimized power and improved fuel efficiency of the vehicle. While reprogramming the engine control also make sure that the new parameters determined for the ECU do not make any damage to the engine.

To understand the results of diesel car tuning let us take an illustration of an old Audi car that is empowered with 2.0 litre diesel engine generating the power of 140 bhp. Getting the process of tuning accomplished by an expert mechanic will help your Audi to generate the power of upto 170 bhp, this figure of power generation efficiency might vary depending according to size of engine and its features.
But still one thing which is quite sure that engine remapping can improve the performance of your car up-to 35% of its existing performance. It would be of great relevance to know that despite of difference in their sizes, diesel engines have lots of space which could be used for enhancing their performance.

The compression of ration of diesel engines is more than 20:1 and therefore the cylinders integrated in the diesel engine are enriched with extra air as compared to the air required by other engine configurations. Remapping the engine control unit for improving the pressure of fuel injection and to making appropriate use of air present in the cylinders, you will be able to enjoy improved power and torque generation efficiency at the same time.

Benefit of improved power and torque generation efficiency:
The major benefit of improved power and torque can be witnessed by the drivers in city who have to drive in stop and go driving conditions, which requires regular gear change, less accelerating and regular braking, despite of all these issues they will witness improvement in fuel efficiency.
The same results are enjoyed by the drivers driving at highways. Similarly if you have to tow something then without any concern of power and http://www.posturads.in/author/song10short/ torque you remapped engine will easily carry the item without any discomfort. Simply it can be said that before getting your diesel vehicle tuned for enhanced performance by any of the mechanics always make sure that his centre is equipped with latest instruments that are helpful in easy going process of tuning the modern fuel injection system.